A very British journey

“Dear passengers, we’ll soon be arriving at London, Heathrow. Please make sure you take all your belongings with you.”

On May 18th, we - the sixth graders of the BG/BRG Knittelfeld – arrived at London Heathrow airport, neither knowing what would await us on our one-week language trip in the South of Britain nor being aware of all the surprises this nation has to offer. However, what actually happened on our journey?

To begin with, we were assigned to host families, who provided food and accommodation. After participating in classes at our language school at 9 am, we spent the afternoons discovering Eastbourne and the surrounding cities.

Consequently, each day turned out to be a little bit different. We experienced an “original English hike” to the chalk cliffs of Beachy Head, discovered the secrets of the “Smugglers Caves” and the history of Hastings, admired the lanes of Brighton and saw Miss Marple on stage at the Devonshire Theatre in Eastbourne. After going to London, we fell into bed exhaustedly but full of amazement about the unique city and its people.

All in all, not only did we widen our English vocabulary, but most importantly: developed genuine comradeship and collected tons of good memories.

By Veronika Reumüller (6A)


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