Participation in Model United Nations of Munich 2022 November 14 - November 18

Honourable teachers, fellow students and admirable parents,

We, the delegation of BG/BRG Knittelfeld, would like to elaborate on why Munom 2022 was such a great experience for all of us:

When we arrived in Munich on Monday, November 14, we spent a pleasant time in the oldtown, doing a rally and experiencing Bavarian hospitality at Hofbräuhaus. On Tuesday, the actual MUNoM conference (hier klicken) started. The first day was mainly about lobbying and meeting other delegates from international schools. Every delegate had to represent their country in different committees. Our school represented Bangladesh, Brazil and Czech Republic. After work, we again did some sightseeing in the city center, experiencing the Bavarian charm. On Wednesday the tough debates started, and hard discussions were going on. To calm down, some of us joined Prof. Sperr to an Escape Room experience, where difficult riddles had to be solved. The other half of the group joined Prof. Plank to see the musical “Die Päpstin” at Deutsches Theater München. Thursday was quite the toughest day. Debates sometimes escalated because of all the different opinions, mixed with emotions that every delegate had gained through the week. As a reward for all the exhausting work, a big party was on the agenda on Thursday night. Even when there had been different opinions and misunderstanding between some delegates throughout the debates, finally all the delegates were partying together. On the last day, two major groups were formed, which debated the resolutions they different committees had come up with the days before. The closing-ceremony then was a perfect ending for a wonderful week.

But who could confirm this any better than the delegates themselves:

Samira: It was stressful but fun.
Stefan: If you want to learn about real life politics, come to MUNoM.
Prof. Plank and Prof. Sperr: A week full of fruitful debates, laughters & being more than proud of our diplomates.
Philip: It was a week full of emotions but in the end it was very awesome.
Lorenz: The best experience was to get friends internationally.
Jonas: It was a great week full of new experiences and meeting interesting personalities.
Antonia: It was one of the best weeks in my life.
Anna H: It was awesome there and I found a lot of new friends.
Veronika: Very interesting and lots of new experiences.
Kati: It was a very educative week.
Lora: I'm very grateful for this opportunity to meet new people and debate with them.
Kerstin: It was cold, exhausting but very cool.
Anna L: It was really amazing because we got to know new people from different countries.
Noel: Amazing week, amazing people, amazing debates.
Johannes: Overwhelmed by the sophisticated language and the complex procedure. Nonetheless, good experiences and memories only, mostly because of the great people and all the fun we've had.
When our school’s ambassador of Brazil, who shall remain anonymous at this stage, famously declared: “I yield the floor back to the train” after taking a nap on the floor on our way back home to Knittelfeld, it finally got clear that we won’t forget about this week, and the “particular” language of MUN conferences, all too soon.
P.S.: Should you be interested in finding out more about the procedure of the conference and the behind-the-scenes-gossip going on throughout MUNoM 2022, feel free to have an eye into The MUNoM Times down below.
Moitzi Lorenz, 6A
Brandl Jonas, 6B
Pölzl Philip, 6B Mag.a Sabine Sperr, BA MA Mag.a Katrin Plank

Newspaper Day 1 (hier klicken)

Newspaper Day 3 (hier klicken)


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